Ansys GRANTA Selector vs Ansys GRANTA EduPack

Both GRANTA Selector and GRANTA EduPack have core databases and tools for materials selection. GRANTA EduPack has dedicated databases and tools focused on enhancing teaching at undergraduate level, plus supporting teaching resources. GRANTA Selector is more suitable for research – it allows publication of your results, has full integration with Ansys Workbench and has extensive specialised databases covering hundreds of thousands of different materials.


Research Applications of GRANTA Selector

Find, plot and compare materials data

Fast access to comprehensive, easy-to-search data, with complete and comparable information on thousands of engineering materials. Graphically communicate findings for conference presentations, grant proposals, and publication.

Materials selection

Gain confidence in your materials decisions and generate new ideas through proven, auditable and repeatable materials selection methods. Create straightforward selection reports demonstrating your methodology, analyses, and results.

Materials substitution and equivalency

Find equivalent or similar materials at the touch of a button and easily compare their material properties. Quickly locate any critical differences in performance and behavior.

Materials development

Add your own materials into your selection projects using standard attribute sets for easy comparison with our comprehensive data. Using graphical tools, understand how your new materials compare to existing materials and communicate their advantages.

Eco design and restricted substances

Reduce environmental impact and minimize restricted substances risk at the design stage, by using detailed eco and regulatory materials data and tools. Assess the embodied energy and CO2 footprint of individual materials across production, processing and recycling.

Lightweighting and hybrid materials

Experiment with the Synthesizer tool for predicting hybrid material properties, reducing development time and guiding your materials testing. Create your own Synthesizer models to explore design space.