Intelligent materials selection

Ansys GRANTA Selector provides a powerful set of tools and materials property data which. Combining these enables you to implement the systematic rational materials selection methodology developed by Professor Mike Ashby and collaborators at the University of Cambridge.

  • Search and filter materials based on an unlimited number of property requirements.
  • Quickly find candidate materials based on your critical design requirements.
  • Plot, visualize and explore materials performance against the full range of properties.
  • Identify the best options, then annotate and customize plots or produce clear, complete selection reports to communicate your findings.
  • Highlight reference materials or your company’s preferred materials to ease comparison and help find alternative materials.
  • Convert engineering requirements into materials properties using our Engineering Solver.
  • Compare datasheets side by side and automatically highlight differences – enables you to make the right choices and highlight any risks.
  • Use our Performance Index Finder, a graphical tool to help you quickly select your engineering application and plot the combination of properties to maximize/minimize for optimal performance
  • Quick-start videos and tutorial exercises available to get you started as quickly as possible.

charting tools

Find similar materials

Identify your current material or your company’s preferred materials then with one click, rank all materials based on the similarity of their property profile to any reference material. You can find drop-in replacements or equivalents fast based on minimal information or carry out a full selection project focusing only on those nearest to your reference. By matching key material parameters, you can locate grades conforming to local standards, find alternative suppliers, improve performance or reduce costs.

find similar materials

Comprehensive materials data

A library of materials data, including the following and more

  • MaterialUniverse — Our unique database of engineering, economic, and eco property profiles for over >4,000 materials. Enables like-to-like comparison across the spectrum of material and processing possibilities. Links to other datasets enable it to act as an index.
  • JAHM Curve Data — a rich source of CAE input, with temperature-dependent curve data on over 9,000 materials.
  • Metals — Global Metals Specifications from ASM International, the German Steel Institute, UK Steel, SAE and WMI. Boiler and pressure vessel data from ASME, plus data on powder metallurgy and sheet steels.
  • Polymers — Global Polymers contains well respected spec sheets from UL Prospector on over 100,000 resins (Prospector® Plastics, formerly IDES Plastics) and over 14,000 polymer additives. Enables designers to analyse and compare the properties and processing of plastics and elastomers plus select appropriate polymer additives.
  • Composites — Composite data from manufacturers and leading research projects including Mil-Handboook-17 and AGATE plus Firehole Composites.
  • Additive Manufacturing — Comprehensive data on hundreds of additive manufacturing machines and compatible materials from the Senvol Database™.
  • Aero — Authoritative aero alloy data from MMPDS plus data on relevant coatings.
  • Medical— Medical property data in MaterialUniverse is linked to the online ASM Medical Materials Database

comprehensive materials data

Assess hybrid materials

Predict the performance and properties of hybrid materials and structures using Synthesizer and compare them with “standard” materials. Comes with several built-in models and structures including sandwich panels, composites, foams and multi-layer materials.

These predicted hybrid materials can also be used in selection projects — assessing them against each other and against the extensive array of existing materials data to quickly identify configurations that best fit your applications. Includes the capability to create your own models, as well as a detailed guide on writing and implementing these custom hybrid material models in GRANTA Selector.

hybrid materials

Part cost estimation

GRANTA Selector includes a part cost estimation tool, which allows you to investigate the influence of materials and manufacturing on component cost. Different manufacturing techniques and batch sizes can be considered with related factors accounted for such as recyclability and availability. Using this tool enables you to rapidly understand the cost implications of your materials and design choices at the early stages of design, saving time and letting you quickly work toward an optimal material plus optimal design for an optimal product.

part cost estimator

Ecological design audit

Using the Eco Audit tool, you can quickly estimate the environmental impact of a design or product. This is achieved by focusing on two well-understood environmental stressors, namely energy usage and CO2 footprint, and identifying which of the main life phases — material, manufacture, transport, use, and end-of-life — is most demanding of both.

By obtaining a better understanding of the environmental cost of your product, you can focus attention on the areas that lead to the biggest improvements.

eco audit

FE Export and Ansys Workbench integration

Export data on single or multiple materials in the format required by CAD/CAE and FE packages including Abaqus/CAE, Ansys Workbench, SolidWorks, MaatML, Nastran, Creo Parametric and solidThinking Inspire. GRANTA Selector also works directly within Ansys Workbench, linking to Engineering Data and seamlessly providing the data you need for simulation.

fe exporter

Academia and Research

Enhance your materials research by comparing in-house material performance with standard engineering materials or specific grades. Using our broad pre-defined set of attributes, you can include your own materials in a selection project or create your own using our Synthesizer module. Demonstrate all major aspects of material performance with publication-ready charts and reports. Find out more about GRANTA Selector for Research here.

academia and research