Why have you been directed to this page?

You have come to this page because you tried to access the GRANTA MI component within Ansys Workbench. Either your organization has not licensed GRANTA MI, or your organization has licensed it, but you have not installed it, in that case: Install GRANTA MI here

If your organization does not yet use GRANTA MI
Contact your Ansys representative or CONTACT US at the bottom of this page.

What is GRANTA MI?

GRANTA MI is the market-leading system for enterprise materials information management. There are two options:

Ansys GRANTA MI Enterprise – The comprehensive solution brings together all your corporate materials knowledge in one place, combined with an unrivalled library of materials reference data. Fully integrated with leading CAD, CAE and PLM systems.

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Ansys GRANTA MI Pro – A fast-start materials database system for sharing key in-house data and accessing valuable reference data for use in CAD and CAE.

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Accessing GRANTA MI directly in Workbench

The MI:Materials Gateway is an app that can be embedded in a variety of CAD and CAE environments, enabling direct access to your company’s GRANTA MI database. Easily find relevant and approved materials property data and then apply it to your model or simulation.

How to access GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway

If your organization uses GRANTA MI, you can install MI:Materials Gateway and access it within your Ansys Workbench to find materials input data for simulation. Contact the administrator for your GRANTA MI implementation. Or contact your Ansys representative who will be able to help you.

Watch MI:Materials Gateway for Ansys Workbench