Do Not Remesh. RBF Morph Instead.

When you study and simulate variations of a given geometry, don’t spend time meshing each and every geometrical variation. Create only the initial mesh, then you can morph it to all geometrical variation thanks to RBF-Morph, a solution from an ANSYS partner.

Watch the video to see how RBF-Morph enables fast mesh morphing.

  • Mesh morphing is fast: Even a mesh with 10 million elements takes seconds to render.
  • Mesh morphing recognizes parameters: You can use RBF-Morph with ANSYS DesignXplorer to automatically investigate a range of design parameters or perform design optimization studies.
  • Mesh morphing is practical: With RBF-Morph, you can export any of the modified mesh geometry back to CAD.

Carotid bifurcation 1
Carotid bifurcation 2
Carotid bifurcation 3
Thanks to the RBF-Morph solution and ANSYS Fluent, researchers can study different clinically relevant anatomical modifications of a carotid bifurcation. Morphing the computational grid to the different carotid bifurcation shapes dramatically speeds up the simulation process.

Courtesy Dr. Raffaele Ponzini CILEA, Italy (, Dr. Luca Antiga, Orobox Srl, Italy ( and Dr. Marco Evangelos Biancolini, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy (

These materials provide details about mesh morphing and RBF-Morph: