Molding and Extrusion

Numerous challenges exist when designing a plastic packaging for industrial or consumer product applications:

  • Material costs have to be minimized. Even saving a tenth of a percent per package can lead to large raw material costs savings.
  • The packaging must be structurally sound and resist different structural constraints (stacking-up during transport, quizzing of the packages by consumers, drop, etc).
  • The filling process must be optimal to minimize both filling time and the amount of gas captured.
  • Dispensing the liquid must be a positive experience for the customers— the right amount of squeezing for the right amount of product dispensed.

ANSYS solutions enable complete virtual prototyping for the design and manufacture of plastic packages through a complete multiphysics simulation. This allows companies and engineers to develop products faster, test designs earlier in the development cycle, reduce the number of physical prototypes required and minimize the raw material costs.

Watch this step-by-step demonstration showing how to use ANSYS CFD technology to simulate the blow-molding process of a plastic bottle. ANSYS CFD solutions can accurately predict the material's distribution, thickness, and resistance to deformation and shocks. The technology also enables you to visualize the liquid filling and dispensing processes.

ANSYS solutions help companies to virtually design and test packages.

  • ANSYS Polyflow allows engineers to optimize the material distribution — to ensure the absence of weak spots — by simulating the entire blow molding process.
  • The design’s geometry (including local material thicknesses) can be easily transferred for structural analysis to ensure that the product will withstand normal stress and strain (use by the customer, drop, etc.).
  • The design’s geometry can also be transferred to a computational fluid dynamics to perform liquid filling and dispensing simulation and predict the behavior of the container and liquid.
  • The software includes a virtual prototyping platform that can be fully parameterized to perform optimization, what-if analysis, etc.

Behavior of Plastics and Other Materials

Development teams can study the behavior of plastics and other materials, such as this example of injection stretch blow modeling using shell elements. Thickness distribution is shown.

Predict Material Distribution

ANSYS Polyflow allows you to predict material distribution when using blow molding, such as with this 5 gallon blow-molded water cooler bottle.

Virtual Prototyping of Packaging

By combining ANSYS Polyflow with our structural analysis tools, you can perform virtual prototyping of packaging — from CAD to blow molding to drop-test analysis.