Ansys Polyflow provides advanced technology for companies in the polymer, glass, metals and cement processing industries. R&D teams use this technology extensively to design and optimize processes such as extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, glass forming, fiber drawing and concrete shaping.

Improving Film Die Uniformity:To create a die that could produce uniform polymer films, engineers used Ansys Polyflow to simulate extrusion and automatically test design variations in the shape of the die. The optimization using engineering simulation helped to improve film die uniformity by 13% while reducing pressure drop. The improvements will reduce material waste and power consumption, generating large cost savings over the life of the die, while also making it possible to deliver a higher-quality product to customers.

Reducing Extrusion Design Costs: Ansys solutions enable complete virtual prototyping for the design and manufacture of plastic packages through a complete multiphysics simulation. This allows companies and engineers to develop products faster, test designs earlier in the development cycle, reduce the number of physical prototypes required and minimize the raw material costs.

Reducing Material Costs: With Ansys Polyflow, engineers designing a water tank were able to model blow molding, compute material distribution and strength, and simulate drop tests while avoiding expensive physical prototyping. Through simulation, they ensured the quality and durability of their containers while achieving a material reduction or 1.75 kilograms for each container, saving almost $100 per hour in production costs.

High Rheology Material