A leading aircraft engine manufacturer benefited from Ansys Fluent with

aircraft engine manufacturer benefits with Ansys

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Efficient parallel scalability up to 256 cores

Over 10 million cells per minute volume mesh generation

Over 10 million cells per minute volume mesh generation

Ansys Fluent accelerates mesh generation resulting in a faster, more accurate solve

Mosaic poly-hexcore is an Ansys Fluent meshing technology that accelerates meshing time and produces a faster, more accurate solution. Mosaic technology enables polyhedral connections between disparate mesh types. The recently released Mosaic poly-hexcore mesh is a combination of high quality hexahedral, isotropic poly prism and mosaic polyhedral elements.

Isotropic Poly Prism Image

Isotropic Poly Prism

Mosaic Polyhedral Image

Mosaic Polyhedral

Hexahedral Image


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