Reduced Order Models Speed Simulation Time by 100X or More


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be used for battery thermal management analysis but, due to the size of the CFD models, they can be cumbersome to couple in large system analysis. Reduced order models (ROM) provide a cost-effective way to reduce simulation run times while allowing their use in system level simulations.

A reduced order model (ROM) is a simplification of a high-fidelity dynamic model that preserves essential behavior and dominant effects, for the purpose of reducing solution time or storage capacity required.

Below is a post-processing simulation comparison between the CFD vs ROM results on a 16-cell battery pack. The CFD thermal simulation took 6 CPUs and a 5-hour run time, while the ROM took 1 CPU and a 30-minute run time.


5 hour CFD simulation of a 16 cell battery pack
(courtesy of General Motors)


30 minute ROM simulation of a 16 cell battery pack
(courtesy of General Motors)


CFD vs ROM average cell temperature over time comparison
(courtesy of General Motors)

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CFD Reduced Order Model