Battery Thermal Runaway

One of the major concerns in battery development is thermal management. At low temperatures, internal reactions release less energy; at high temperatures, reactions release energy faster, which reduces battery life. Overheating and uneven temperature distribution can lead to rapid cell degradation and shorten battery life. So maintaining the temperature of the cells within a few degrees across the entire pack is critical.

Temperature Distribution

Temperature distribution on a trigger cell during thermal runaway

Thermal runaway can be triggered when the heat generation rate exceeds the dissipation rate from thermal abuse conditions, such as penetration, over/under-charging, external heating and external short. In extreme cases, thermal runaway can cause catastrophic destruction, such as fires and explosions.

Thermal Runaway

Propagation of thermal runaway in a single cell

Accurate simulation for thermal management will help you to evaluate possible triggers and abuse conditions. This will help to increase battery life, power and safety in a competitive market.

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Thermal Runaway