Mission Computer Demo

This demo is a simplified mission application that displays, to the fighter pilot, computed information on tracks (other aircrafts in the environment) detected by two embedded sensors. In order to exercise the application, a complete simulation environment is also developed.

The main goal of the mission computer is to manage two sensors, a radar and an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), embedded in a fighter in order to:

  • Select the state of the radar (ON / OFF / FAIL), the mode of the radar (WIDE / NARROW), the state of the IFF (ON / OFF / FAIL),
  • Merge information on the tracks received from both Radar and IFF sensors,
  • Calculate the most dangerous tracks,
  • Provide to the Embedded Display the position and nature of the detected tracks,
  • Enable the Gun when a dangerous track is selected.

The Mission Computer is designed as a SCADE Suite model. The code generated by SCADE Suite KCG can follow the DO-178B certification process and be embedded in the onboard equipment.

Note: for the sake of simplicity of this example model, the altitude of the tracks is not considered; only 2-D information is managed.

Embedded Display

Mission Computer

The Embedded Display is an interactive display developed with SCADE Display for the graphical aspects and with SCADE Suite for the behavior of the five buttons displayed on the right.

  • Radar On/Off: push button to switch the radar sensor on and off.
  • Radar mode: push button to switch between the WIDE and NARROW modes of the radar. The scope of the radar is displayed as a green area on the left part of the display. In WIDE mode, the scope is 10 knots around the fighter; in NARROW mode, the scope is 25 knots but reduced to a 40 degrees angle in front of the fighter.
  • IFF On/Off: push button to switch the IFF sensor on and off. The scope of the IFF is 15 knots, shown by the larger circle displayed.
  • Lock: toggle button enabled only if a dangerous track has been selected by the Mission Computer. When pressed, it activates the gun, pointing to the most dangerous track.
  • “Red” button: push button to fire the gun. It is enabled only if the Lock button is pressed.

On the left part of the display:

  • Two LEDs on top of the display show the status of the Radar and the IFF.
    • Green: on
    • Grey: off
    • Orange: defect
  • Information on the tracks computed by the Mission Computer are displayed.
    • Position and kind: round for a FRIEND, rhombus for a FOE, square for UNKNOWN Speed: vector showing the direction, with length proportional to the magnitude
    • Dangerousness: double circle for the most dangerous track detected, single circle for the second and third dangerous tracks detected
  • The track that is “locked” for shoot (with the Lock button) blinks

Simulation Environment

To simulate and validate the Mission Computer model, a Simulation environment is provided. It consists of:

  • A simple Radar model: tracks are detected when positions are in the scope of the radar. The Radar provides the position and speed vector for the detected tracks.
  • A simple IFF model: tracks are detected when positions are in the scope of the IFF. The IFF provides the position and kind of the track (FRIEND, FOE, UNKNOWN)
  • A Simulation Panel detailed below
  • The Simulation environment is entirely developed in SCADE Suite.

The Simulation Panel is developed with SCADE Test Rapid Prototyper module:

  • The right part uses the Rapid Prototyper built-in library widgets
  • The left part is an interactive area (see details below), with custom widgets and simple drawing features.