DO-178C Certification for Embedded Software

With the adoption of DO-178C by the FAA, EASA and other worldwide civil aviation authorities, today’s aeronautics manufacturers must meet new certification objectives. The Ansys SCADE Suite and Ansys SCADE Display KCG Qualified Code Generators, the Ansys SCADE LifeCycle testing environment and the SCADE Suite MTC Model Coverage Tool all provide a model-based approach that satisfies the requirements of DO-330 (the tools qualification document within DO-178C,) for the highest levels of safety requirements.

SCADE Suite MTC 6.4.5 Flow

Tool Qualification/Certification

  • SCADE Suite KCG 6.6 Code Generator is now certified under DO-178C (DO-330 TQL-1) at the highest level of safety.
  • SCADE Suite MTC 6.6 supports the achievement of model coverage analyses with criteria that imply structural code coverage; 100% of model coverage = 100% of code coverage
  • MTC 6.6 is qualified as Criteria 2 tool (DO-330 TQL-4).
  • Full Qualification/Certification kits are now available.

New Model-Test Coverage (MTC) Technology Benefits:

  • Model Coverage and Code coverage measures are done simultaneously, at HLR testing level, using a single test suite of Verification Cases (created within SCADE QTE).
  • These two measures fully obey the new DO-178C regulation.
  • This unique method has been formally approved by the FAA (and Boeing) on the KC-46 Tanker program using SCADE Suite.

New Model-Test Coverage (MTC) Graphical Benefits:

  • A new detailed view allows one to see the coverage and the reasons for activation of a given path from inputs to outputs.

Embedded Software DO178C MTC Graphical

  • Coverage of expanded operators is improved.

Coverage of Expanded Operators