Requirements traceability

ANSYS SCADE LifeCycle is an integrated traceability analysis solution for safety-critical design processes with ANSYS SCADE Architect, ANSYS SCADE Suite, ANSYS SCADE Display, ANSYS SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 and ANSYS SCADE Test. Features include:

  • Connection to ALM tools: linkage to DOORS® (9.6 and up), DOORS® NG, Siemens Polarion®, Jama Connect™ and Dassault Systèmes® Reqtify
  • Graphical creation of traceability links between requirements or other structured documents and SCADE models
  • Traceability of test cases from SCADE Test Environment projects
  • Bidirectional navigation across requirements and tests
  • Propagation of traceability information to test harnesses (RTRT, LDRA, VectorCAST)
  • Compliance with DO-178B, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and IEC 60880 standards

VIDEO: Introduction to Traceability

SCADE LifeCycle: Requirements Traceability

Project documentation generation

SCADE LifeCycle Reporter automates the time-consuming creation of detailed and complete reports from SCADE Suite, SCADE Display, SCADE Architect and SCADE UA Page Creator for ARINC 661 designs through:

  • Generation of reports in RTF or HTML formats
  • Customization of report content and display
  • Customization of generic report templates based on TCL scripting language
  • Establishment of common documentation standards
  • Integration with SCADE LifeCycle ALM Gateway for reporting traceability information at model level

SCADE LifeCycle Reporter is qualified according to DO-178C/DO-331, EN 50128, IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 for SCADE Suite, SCADE Display and SCADE UA Page Creator applications. Reporter certification data is available upon request.

SCADE LifeCycle: Project Documentation Generation

Configuration and version control

SCADE LifeCycle Configuration Management Gateway enables integration of SCADE Suite and SCADE Display models in a configuration management environment such as IBM Rational® Synergy, IBM Rational® ClearCase®, Serena® Dimensions CM and PVCS®, CVS or Microsoft® Visual Source Safe™. Features include:

  • Support of source code control integration (SCCI) standard
  • Storage of data in ASCII format
  • Common management commands, such as check in/check out, directly accessible from SCADE Suite and SCADE Display Editors

SCADE LifeCycle: Configuration and Version Control