SIwave PSI Solver Option

SIwave-PSI is a 3D full-wave electromagnetic field solver for power integrity analysis of packages and PCBs, with the ability to perform DC (static), AC (frequency domain), and transient (dynamic) simulations from a single environment. Based on the fast finite element method (FFEM), it provides the accuracy of a conventional full-wave tool, with unparalleled capacity to handle an entire package or board design.

In addition to its high accuracy and capacity as an extraction tool, SIwave-PSI is seamlessly connected to other Apache products in system level analysis. It natively supports the Chip Power Model (CPM) for IC-aware package and PCB co-analysis of the power delivery network (PDN).

  • SIwave-PSI is a comprehensive power integrity solution for package and PCB designers. It combines a chip's core power delivery network with 3D full-wave package & PCB models in a single environment for accurate IC-package co-analysis. With SIwave-PSI, package and system designers can mitigate design failure risks, reduce overall system cost, and improve productivity.

SIwave Comprehensive Integrity Solutions for Package and PCB Designers

  • ANSYS RedHawk enables the creation of a Chip Power Model (CPM), which has revolutionized chip─package─system (CPS) co-design and co-analyses. The CPM captures all the electrical characteristics of a chip, including switching currents and parasitics (resistance, capacitance and inductance), in a compact, SPICE format that can be used by package & PCB engineers to optimize system power delivery. With a CPM, designers can perform chip-aware system-level power integrity, EMI analysis and thermal analyses. Package models created with SIwave-PSI can be directly imported into RedHawk to enable system-aware chip analysis.

Creation of a Chip Power Model

  • SIwave-PSI provides a fully integrated chip-package-system power integrity solution that includes a compact CPM which allows engineers to achieve accurate results by considering an IC’s power delivery network. This enables package and PCB designers to perform analysis from an early stage and throughout the entire design flow. During design SIwave-PSI enables accurate and comprehensive PDN analysis along with signal to power/ground pad/pin ratio analyses. Additionally SIwave-PSI can use the PI Advisor package/PCB de-coupling capacitor optimizer to greatly improve decoupling schemes. Later in the flow, SIwave-PSI enables power integrity analysis of the package and PCB by including the IC power delivery network behavior, and diagnosing potential chip-package LC resonance issues, as well as validating package/PCB dynamic voltage drop margins.

Fully Integrated Chip-Package Power Integrity Solution

  • SIwavel-PSI loads the CPM model and automatically establishes the connection between die pads and package pins. The die parasitics, as well as the chip current profile can be used in DC, AC, and transient analyses. In addition, the package model extracted by SIwavel-PSI can be imported into RedHawk for package-aware IC power integrity analysis.

CPM Model Loading and Die Pad and Package Pin Connection Estimation

  • The simulation engine of SIwave-PSI is based on the fast FEM method with a customized formulation specially designed for package and PCB structures. It dramatically increases the simulation capacity and speed without loss of accuracy, demonstrating very good correlation results between SIwave-PSI, measurement, and HFSS. In addition, SIwave-PSI’s enhanced algorithm addresses low frequency instability problems in the sub-MHz range for PDN structures. This enables accurate broadband PDN solutions for package power integrity.

Simulation Engine of SIwave-PSI is Based on Fast FEM Method

  • Utilizing SIwave-PSI as an accurate extraction tool for electronic package and PCB simulations makes it an essential component in system level SSO/SSN solutions. The communication between SIwave-PSI and the ANSYS Electronics Desktop, utilizing Nexxim or HSPICE, enables time domain circuit compliance for busses such as DDR4. Results for the SSO/SSN simulations are presented in the Frequency-, Time-, and Statistical-Domains. These simulations can run IBIS, IBIS-AMI, and Encrypted HSPICE I/O buffer models.

Extraction Tool for Electronic Package and PCB Simulations

  • Understanding AC & DC current return paths is invaluable when designing power delivery networks especially when deciding on capacitor placement within packages and printed circuit boards. SIwave-PSI enables users to visualize AC currents and the associated return paths; this solution can account for chip currents and parasitics using a CPM (chip power model) within the simulation. The attachment of the CPM is automatic along with the definitions of the current excitations.

Current Simulation Animation