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ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaimANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim

Multipurpose 3D modeling for faster engineering results

Discovery SpaceClaim is a 3D design tool that makes CAD modeling fast, easy and fun. Perfect for concept modeling or detailed design, it helps you create, edit or repair corrupt 3D models for any downstream use. Discovery SpaceClaim boosts productivity and fosters innovation.


Discovery SpaceClaim Benefits

Ease of Use

Discover the most user-friendly CAD tool that anyone can use — with minimal training. With Discovery SpaceClaim it's simple to create or modify any 3D file as rapidly as your mind can innovate. The direct modeling paradigm frees you from the constraints of traditional concept modeling, and allows you to focus on the creative design process and not on the technology.


With Discovery SpaceClaim you can quickly create, edit or repair 3D CAD or faceted file types. Easily share your ideas with customers, R&D engineers, CAE analysts, team members and manufacturing. Import and integrate any geometry in one environment, no matter the origin (suppliers, in-house library, online resources).

Flexibility and Versatility

Regardless of the modeling task or your formal training, Discovery SpaceClaim's unique toolset enables you to create rough concepts, detailed designs or edit 3D data created in other CAD systems. Use the same tools to prepare models for manufacturing, simulation and 3D printing, or reverse engineer any faceted/STL file for downstream use.


Discovery SpaceClaim


Model 3D parts, assemblies, drawings or import and edit CAD data


Create manufacturing fixtures, process plans, or optimize and repair models for toolpath creation


Reverse engineer or autosurface any STL file in seconds


Prepare, optimize or edit any model for 3D printing


Design, import, unfold and optimize sheet metal files


The Discovery product line is available for trial and purchase

Discovery Live is included in the Standard and Ultimate bundles. This groundbreaking technology bridges the gap between design and engineering simulation, allowing engineers to explore larger solution spaces with more iterations.

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