Support Overview

SpaceClaim is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive training classes, tutorials, documentation and ongoing support to ensure that you maximize your productivity with our 3D design software.

You can gain direct access to SpaceClaim's technical resources, as well as the latest product releases and upgrades in a variety of ways:

Support Case Submission

You can easily log product defect and enhancement requests by using SpaceClaim's Support Case Submission System

My SpaceClaim Website

Each client has access to their personalized secure website called My Spaceclaim (linked at the top of each page).  This site contains everything you need to download and install the product and licenses, access to libraries of documentation and models, information on training classes, technical support and account administration.

Product Capabilities 

For a list of currently supported import and export actions, click below: 

Supported Formats

Customer Quotes

"I especially like how you guys send me video responses to some of my modeling questions instead of trying to explain it in an email or over the phone. I also like the fact that SpaceClaim's ability to move and copy geometry, so easily and efficiently, allows you to show the stages of a modeling problem, with notes, within a single model file. It is such a better way to document than using screen captures."

Paul Bock
CAD System Administrator
Design Group Leader
Zodiac Aerospace

"Your technical support yesterday was very helpful. Your pervasive experience with SpaceClaim obviously fuels your insight into customer problems. Thanks again!'"

W. Scott Taylor
Principal Engineer
NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)