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We make technology that drives innovation. Cray platforms enable accelerated research and advancements in fields like manufacturing, healthcare, energy exploration and weather prediction. They provide powerful performance for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Cray and Ansys work closely together to test Ansys software with global leaders in supercomputing. This ensures that the advancements made in the lab are actually usable by our joint customers.

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High Performance Computing Products

Cray® XC™ Series

The Cray® XC™ series combines multi petascale performance and power efficiency in one super-charged system. Go ahead and ask it your toughest questions. Featuring the latest processing technologies and designed for extreme scalability and application performance, the XC series can model even bigger datasets and simulate more massive systems. And with its flexible, easily upgradable architecture, you can solve today’s problems and be ready for tomorrow’s too.

Cray® CS™ Series

Cray® CS™ Series cluster supercomputers get you to the HPC solution faster with reliable high performance computing tailored to your specific need. These systems are industry standards-based, highly customizable and expressly designed to handle the broadest range of medium- to large-scale workloads. CS series clusters feature the latest processor and interconnect technologies, innovations in energy efficiency, and compelling price/performance — all in a flexible and easy-to-manage package.

Cray® ClusterStor™ HPC Storage Systems

ClusterStor HPC storage systems are known for the ability to balance the value equation, achieving the right performance, speed, scalability, data protection and availability, all within the right budget.
The ClusterStor family architecture is built on robust enterprise-class big data storage designs, enabling customers to choose the best-fit parallel file solutions for their workflows.
Cray reliably delivers the highest performance in the most demanding, data-intensive supercomputing, HPC and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) environments.

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