Virtual Prototyping to Improve Smartphone Reliability

A smartphone is a perfect device with which to demonstrate complete virtual prototyping using ANSYS multiphysics solutions. It combines electronic, thermal and structural physics in a compact, complex consumer device that is subjected to varying — and sometimes harsh — usage conditions.

In the ANSYS Workbench environment, a smartphone designer can

  • Create or import models using ANSYS DesignModeler
  • Perform “what if” analyses of DC voltage drop, DC current and DC power loss using ANSYS SIwave
  • Transfer simulation data between ANSYS SIwave and ANSYS Icepak to determine the temperature distribution and prevent damage due to overheating
  • Predict stress and deformation of a PCB using ANSYS Mechanical to analyze the effects of copper distribution
  • Perform fatigue life analysis of solder balls by simulating thermal cycling using ANSYS Mechanical
  • Simulate drop tests using ANSYS Explicit Dynamics

Watch the video to see all these ANSYS solutions working together to produce the optimal smartphone design.