Virtual Prototyping of a Coriolis Effect Mass Flow Meter

ANSYS solutions can simulate complete virtual prototypes to explore the complex physical behavior of Coriolis effect mass flow meters. This enables companies to streamline the design process, develop products faster, better meet precise design specifications and reduce the number of physical prototypes. Designers of these precision measurement instruments must consider the myriad of components and parameters forming the product system, with all elements working in harmony. The following factors must be considered in the design:

  • Working fluid and variability of its properties
  • Expected flow rate range
  • Electrical controls and their operating range
  • Tube material properties
  • Kinematics and dynamics of the tube plus flowing fluid
  • System response to electrical input (frequency, amplitude, etc.)

Watch the video to learn how ANSYS multiphysics tools enable virtual prototyping of a Coriolis effect mass flow meter.