International Paris Air Show — Le Bourget

June 17-23, 2019

The 53rd Paris Air Show Le Bourget, held in Paris on 17-23 June, is the global aerospace industry’s most important event of the year.
Over seven days, Le Bourget will host 150,000 visitors from around the world, and 2,400 exhibitors will be there to greet them and showcase their innovations.

Global aerospace and defense companies are facing critical challenges in digital transformation and digital engineering. ANSYS engineering simulation solutions can help you to overcome these challenges and produce game-changing results.

The Paris Air Show is an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with you to create the aerospace and defense industry of the future.



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Special guests


Ajei Gopal

ANSYS President
and Chief Executive Officer


Prith Banerjee

ANSYS Chief Technical Officer

Rick Mahoney

Rick Mahoney

ANSYS Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Eric Bantegnie

Eric Bantegnie

ANSYS Vice President
Systems Business Unit


Paolo Colombo

ANSYS Aerospace & Defense
Global Industry Director

Alexander DUESENER

Alexander Duesener

Vice President

Demo area

Visit the ANSYS booth to discover how our Pervasive Engineering Simulation solutions can solve your design challenges and lead to breakthrough innovations.

Engineering Productivity

Engineering Productivity

ANSYS accelerates digitalization through the industry’s leading integrated multidisciplinary, multiphysics simulation solutions deployed on a customizable, open and scalable platform. When combined with simulation data and process management, access to cloud and HPC resources and services from the world’s largest pool of simulation experts, ANSYS’ customers can innovate faster, at a lower cost and with fewer resources.


Design more fuel Efficient and Env friendly aircraft

Design more fuel efficient & environmentally friendly aircraft

From engine design to additive manufacturing adoption to aerodynamic optimization, ANSYS engineering simulations drive digital transformation, empowering aerospace companies to revolutionize propulsion systems, reducing weight and drag to create highly fuel-efficient products and comply with environmental commitments.

Virtual Device 

Developing Future Aircraft Systems: Autonomous and Connected

ANSYS’ industry-leading, comprehensive multiphysics and multidisciplinary solutions empower aerospace customers to accelerate the design, validation and certification of future autonomous and connected aircraft systems with less cost and risk, delivering them to market faster than their competitors.


Optimize Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) and Sustainment Operations

ANSYS speeds digital transformation of MRO operations through the deployment of platform agnostic, physics-based digital twins, delivering deep insights no other form of analytics can match to accelerate condition-based maintenance, maximize cost savings and generate additional revenue from existing aircraft programs.

Accelerate Defense Technology Innovation

Accelerate Defense Technology Innovation

ANSYS’ multiphysics and multidisciplinary simulation solutions establish a simulation-based digital thread across customer enterprises from product ideation to sustainment, enabling test, validation, insertion and modernization of disruptive technology faster and at a dramatically lower cost than their competitors.

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