ANSYS System Simulation @ MODELICA Conference 2017

ANSYS Simplorer enables you to design complete electrified systems with a new graphical modeling editor for Modelica, new Reduced-Order Model (ROM) interfaces and compatibility with model libraries from Modelon. Its enhanced interoperability capabilities provide improved connectivity with systems engineering processes, support for Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) co-simulation, system model identification and closed-loop testing with embedded software designs in ANSYS SCADE. Finally, inclusion of Simplorer Entry into ANSYS mechanical, fluids, electromagnetics and embedded software products adds system simulation capability to ANSYS portfolio of physics and software solutions.

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12th International Modelica Conference
May 15-17, 2017 – Prague, Czech Republic
Agenda and Registration

ANSYS is a Gold Sponsor of the MODELICA Conference 2017

ANSYS is a Gold Sponsor of the MODELICA Conference 2017. Visit us at our booth A (near the room Aquarius) to view some of the newest ANSYS Systems capabilities and learn from our hands-on in-booth demonstrations. You'll discover:

New graphical modeling capabilities for Modelica

  • Modeling complete physical systems is easier than ever with the new, diagram-based graphical modeling environment for the industry-standard Modelica language. Simplorer covers additional applications in fluid power, liquid cooling and mechanical dynamics. A new ROM generator for coupled mechanical–thermal behavior also lets you analyze and reuse 3-D physics-based models at the system level.

Compatibility with model libraries from Modelon

New and Enhanced ROM Interfaces with ANSYS 3-D Physics solutions


Closed-loop testing with embedded software designs in SCADE Architect

  • With new support for FMI co-simulation, system model identification, connections to systems engineering flows and support for closed-loop testing with embedded software, Simplorer increases its lead over the competition in terms of interoperability of varied simulation technologies. The new systems engineering gateway connects physical system simulation in Simplorer with system architecture design in ANSYS SCADE Architect, and embedded software models created with ANSYS SCADE Suite can be validated with a new closed-loop system testing methodology.

In-Booth Demonstrations

Combining 3-D Physics and Modelica with ANSYS Simplorer

Combining 3-D Physics and Modelica with ANSYS Simplorer
ANSYS Simplorer offers greater levels of interoperability, including expanded support for Modelica, new reduced-order modeling (ROM) interfaces, and Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) co-simulation, for simulating complex, system-level models. 


Paper Presentation

A Simulation-Based Digital Twin for Model-Driven Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of an Automotive Braking System
Tuesday, May 16th - 10:45 am -11:10 am - Session 4A: Automotive I


Application Engineer


Product Manager



This presentation describes a model-driven approach to support heat monitoring and predictive maintenance of an automotive braking system. This approach includes the creation of a simulation-based digital twin, or numerical model, that combines different modeling formalisms into an integrated model of the braking system that can be used for monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics. The presentation provides an overview of the basic models including Modelica models, reduced order models for various key components of the system model, and controls and sensor models. The Modelica models are implemented in the ANSYS Simplorer simulation to leverage existing modeling work and connections with other ANSYS finite element software to utilize reduced order models. The simulation results include both baseline results for the system and the results of injecting failures into the system for monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Customer Case Studies

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Automating Battery Pack Design

Automating Battery Pack Design

Systems-level simulation energizes the virtual prototyping process for electric vehicle batteries.


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