Dongle enclosure and thermal design for consumer electronics market


Conflicting requirements for high power transmitters and a small, compact enclosure for consumer electronics products are creating thermal challenges for the system designers. The system includes:

  • A PCB board with traces and their Joule heating effects
  • 2x package and substrate with traces and their Joule heating effects
  • Heatsink devices for top and bottom sides
  • Enclosure which covers the entire structure

 Specifications require that the enclosure not exceed 40 C, PCB < 85 C and packages <110 C.


Engineers used ANSYS SIwave to balance the thermal conductivity between the top side of the PCB and the bottom side, and to map and quantify the Joule heating effects on the PCB board. Thermal effects where imported into ANSYS Icepak for thermal analysis and optimization. The entire structure was modeled using building blocks already available in Icepak. The enclosure was imported using ANSYS SpaceClaim. Engineers ran different simulation scenarios to determine the optimal enclosure structure and openings for maximum heat flow and minimal impact on the system.

Business Benefit:

With ANSYS Icepak, Peraso Technology was able to track and understand thermal traps within the enclosure structure and locate the bottlenecks in the design. Modifications to the structure and enclosure before going to production reduced the system thermal operating point by 7 C which, is 20 percent of the budget for this system. Without these modifications, the expectation is that the system would not meet specifications for the consumer electronics industry.

Software used: