University of California - Irvine

A brief overview of how determination, passion and ANSYS simulation came together to create a revolutionary form of transportation


The Hyperloop, which will move a large amount of people at speeds of up to 700 mph, is a product unlike anything the world has seen before. Understanding how to support the weight of a train on low-friction air bearings at such speeds, and how to safely stop the train using only permanent magnetic brakes, requires extensive simulation. When the HyperXite project began at the University of California, Irvine, the team had limited access to ANSYS structural, CFD, thermal and magnetic simulation tools. The students needed access to a supercomputer capable of processing complex simulations, and had to train 20 students to use the ANSYS solutions.


ANSYS facilitated enough licenses of for our team and gave the students access to ANSYS internal training courses both online and in the classroom. The students were educated on all aspects of ANSYS products needed for the project and saved thousands of dollars. The team also used ANSYS cloud computing resources for high speed processing of our complex simulations. These resources have enabled the HyperXite team to make considerable progress in overcoming the challenges of Hyperloop design.

Software used: