Composite image from fluid, structure and acoustic analyses of a muffler connected between a turbocharger and an automotive pipe. Colored streamlines show velocity, walls with pressure or deformation, and iso-surfaces from the sound pressure level.


HENN produces innovative connection technology, including mufflers, for the automotive industry. Numerical prototyping was used to accelerate the development process while increasing product quality in the following key applications involving miscellaneous physics:

  1. Strength and tightness of the closing mechanism
  2. Flow-induced deformations and pressure loss
  3. Customization of the acoustic transmission loss


ANSYS Mechanical finite element structural analyses involving nonlinear frictional contacts, hardening and hyperelastic material laws were used to compute structural deformations, stresses and contact pressures under realistic conditions for the connecting mechanism. An ANSYS CFD analysis was used to compute pressure losses. The resulting pressure field was applied to a structural model to obtain structural deformations and stresses. Optimizations based on a parametric model of the acoustic transmission loss measurement setup generated custom designs automatically according to target transmission loss profiles and size reduction objectives.

Business Benefit:

ANSYS solutions helped us to:

  1. Automatically generate custom muffler designs to address specific transmission loss requirements in a few days instead of a few weeks
  2. Dramatically reduce the number of prototypes, ensuring a short development cycle while reducing R&D costs
  3. Increase product quality while reducing production costs

Software used: