Discover How Ansys Simulation Tools and Embedded Solutions Ensure Safe Autonomous Vehicles

The race is on to develop transformational technologies that will shape the future of autonomous driving (AD). Automotive OEMs rely on Ansys’ cutting-edge engineering tools to execute complex autonomous vehicle, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and electrification initiatives.

Visit us at DSC 2020 EuropeVR to experience Ansys Autonomy solutions in action.

Learn more about:

  • Design, verification and tuning of AD embedded software features
  • Creation of world models and parametric driving scenarios, based on safety analysis
  • Execution of driving scenarios, coupled to AD embedded software for verifying/validating AD software

Explore all of this and more at our simulation tool chain tutorial on September 9.

See the full program here.

We look forward to meeting you at DSC 2020 EuropeVR!

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