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The safety and security of products is becoming increasingly important as products become more complex. To meet the challenges of complexity, you must consider four key areas: functional safety and security; safe software; systems simulation and virtual perception; and testing.

ANSYS offers software solutions that help you design products that meet these requirements through systems simulation and validation. 

The ANSYS Digital Safety Conference is the leading event for anyone interested in (1) functional safety, (2) embedded systems and software, and (3) systems simulation and testing in the automotive and aerospace & defense (A&D) sectors, among others. This action-packed, two-day event will include one day of presentations and one day of hands-on workshops. Join us in Berlin or Detroit to hear from global industry leaders about major digital safety issues, including:

  • Standards compliance — ISO 26262, DO-178C, ARP4754A and ARP4761
  • An end-to-end autonomous vehicle development tool chain
  • Safety-critical embedded software development
  • The challenges of SOTIF
  • Closed-loop simulation utilizing virtual reality applications
  • Systematic cybersecurity thread identification and analysis

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Why Attend

Agenda Driven by Experience

Agenda Driven by Experience

Rather than organizing tracks based on sponsor levels, we have created an agenda based on industry experience to help you identify problems and discuss possible solutions.

Exclusive Attendee List

Exclusive Attendee List

Attendance at the Digital Safety Conference is by invitation only, ensuring specialized OEM & Tier attendees focused on functional safety, embedded software and systems simulation.

Cross Functional Discussions

Cross Functional Discussions

Our curated attendee list allows you to engage in cross functional discussions spanning departments, applications and continents.

Premier  Networking

Premier Networking

Dedicated time will be reserved to network with other attendees and speakers to continue discussions on topics of mutual interest.


Day 1: Conference Agenda at a Glance
Day 2: Workshop Agenda at a Glance
8:00 am
Registration & Breakfast

Workshop topics include:

  • Systematic cybersecurity threat identification and analysis with ANSYS medini analyze
  • Safety analysis at the semiconductor level and supply chain collaboration
  • Application of ANSYS medini analyze to ARP4761 and ARP4754 safety projects
  • Challenges of SOTIF mastered with ANSYS medini analyze
  • How to work efficiently in teams with ANSYS medini analyze
  • ANSYS medini analyze profiles for IEC61508 and ISO 25119
  • Digital safety solutions for autonomous vehicles, in the air, on the ground, under the sea
  • Safe design of ISO 26262 ASIL D embedded automotive software with ANSYS SCADE
  • Reducing costs of AV perception systems testing with ANSYS tools
9:00 am Welcome Address – ANSYS
9:30 am Expert Use Cases – The voice of industry focused on functional safety
10:45 am Morning Break
11:00 am Expert Use Cases – The voice of industry focused on embedded systems
12:00 noon Lunch
1:00 pm End-to-end Toolset – ANSYS
1:45 pm Expert Use Cases – The voice of industry focused on functional safety
3:00 pm Afternoon Break
3:15 pm Expert Use Cases – The voice of industry focused on embedded systems
5:00 pm Closing Remarks

Management Education Center

The Management Education Center (MEC) is a full service conference center located in SE Michigan 20 miles north of Detroit. Parking is free and conveniently located very close to the building.

MEC Conference and Event Center
811 West Square Lake Road
Troy, MI 48098
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Location Map

MEC Conference and Event Center Detroit 


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