Automotive Simulation World Congress, 2015 - Detroit

  • 72 presentations by speakers from 10 countries
  • 400+ attendees
  • Keynotes: Ford, Cummins, Ferrari, Nissan, TRW
  • Auto OEM Presenters: GM, Ford, FCA, Volvo Cars, etc
  • Off-Highway Presenters: Navistar, Cummins, TAFE Motors, etc
  • Supplier Presenters: TRW, Remy, Westport, Kyungshin, etc


Jim Cashman


"Good Ideas to Great Designs"
Rudy Smaling
Rudy Smaling

Exec. Director of Systems Engineering, Cummins

"A Journey from Document Centric to Model Based Systems Engineering and Development"
Marco Fainello
Marco Fainello

Head of GT Track Car Development, Ferrari

"Ferrari's performance and endurance: the role of virtual engineering"
Mario Felice
Mario Felice

Global Manager of Powertrain NVH, Ford

"Multiphysics in Powertrain NVH"
Brian Matsubara
Brian Matsubara

Head, Global Tech Alliances, Amazon Web Services

"Toward Efficient and Effective Global Deployment of Engineering Simulation "
Peter Billelo
Peter Billelo

President, CIMdata

"Platformization of Product Development"
Etienne DeGroot
Etienne DeGroot

Director, ISV Market Development, Intel

"Unleashing Creativity, Igniting Innovation"
Toru Noda
Toru Noda

Manager, Gasoline Engine Combustion, Nissan

"Zero Dimensional Knock Simulation with Detailed Chemical Kinetics"
Greg Roth
Greg Roth

Chief Engineer, ZF-TRW

"Deployment of CAE Simulation Technologies at an Enterprise Scale"

Walid Abu-Hadba

Chief Product Officer, ANSYS

"Advancing Automotive Simulation"
Eric Bantegnie
Eric Bantegnie

VP, Systems Business Unit, ANSYS

"Answering the Challenges of Automotive System and Software Engineering with Model Based Design"
Sandeep Sovani
Sandeep Sovani

Director, Global Automotive Industry, ANSYS

"Welcome Address"


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DAY 1 – June 2, 2015
Body & Interior
Electricifcation & Electronics
I.C. Engine Design and Optimization with Integrated Multiphysics, Multidisciplinary Simulations
Self-entrained particle contamination
D. Moroianu, Volvo Cars
Brake Squeal, Wear, and Multiphysics Simulation
S. Kottalgi, ANSYS India
Simulation of Installed Performance of Automotive Radar Systems
M. Miller,
Delcross Technologies
Comprehensive Diesel Engine Thermal Management and Fatigue Life Prediction
J. Kiedaisch, Navistar
Advances in Robust, Automated Meshing and Solving Methods for Vehicle Aero-Thermal Simulation
H. Ghazialam, ANSYS USA
Structural optimisation using the new RBF Morph ACT Extension
M. Biancolini, RBF Morph
Autonomous Vehicle Radar Simulation
M. Kopp, ANSYS Canada
An Integrated Powertrain Design Cycle Solution utilizing Complete Analysis Toolsets in ANSYS Workbench
R. Draper, Westport Fuel Systems
Multi-Objective Optimization for Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Design
A. Gokhale, Esteco
Hydraulic Engine Mount Performance Characterization Using Fully Coupled FSI
T. Ge, Ford Motor Company, I. Yavuz, ANSYS USA
Analytical/Empirical validation of a typical automotive connector capable of running Gigabit Ethernet speeds
D. Dunham, Molex
Accurate Engine Combustion Simulation
Ellen Meeks, ANSYS USA
Total Vehicle Simulation of the Volvo S80 with a New Common Model Approach
T. Virdung, ANSYS Sweden, P. Davoudabadi, ANSYS USA
Static Contact Evaluation – Test and ANSYS WB Correlation
LJ. Zeng, TRW
Multiphysics Analysis of Hybrid Motors in Remy
J. Wei, Remy
Gas engine capability prediction using fundamental combustion properties
H. Xu, Cummins
External Aerodynamic Optimisation using Mesh Morphing
M. Biancolini, Univ of Rome
CAD & CAE needs for Optimized 3D Printed Designs
A. Vlahinos, Advanced Engineering Solutions
Traction Motor, Controller and Electric Powertrain System Integration
E. Dlala, ANSYS
Multi Scale Modelling of Combined Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter
R. Hayes, Univ of Alberta
GTAM – GENESIS® Topology FOR ANSYS® Mechanical
H. Dong, Vanterplaats R&D
Numerical Simulation on Tire Application using Hyperelastic Material
T. Chung Ket, Taylor's Univ
High-frequency, High-power Magnetic Component Design with Maxwell 3D
J. Pollock, Tesla Motors (presented by M. Christini, ANSYS USA)
DAY 2 – June 3, 2015
Body & Interior
Electricifcation & Electronics
Design and Analysis for Muffler Acoustic Transmission Loss and Back Pressure Drop of a Tractor Engine
P. Singh, TAFE Motors
ISO26262 and AUTOSAR Compliant Software for Automotive Infotainment and Control Systems
E. Bantegnie, ANSYS France
Improving sound performance of gasketed assemblies, by selecting the optimal gasket material
P. Francis, Thermoseal
Development of heat flow simulation method to Junction block
G. Jong Won, Kyungshin Corp.
Relative Analysis Method to Determine Durability in Aluminium Cylinder Heads
A. Mengel & G. Bailey, SWRI
Modelica Libraries for Integrated Vehicle Thermal Management and their usage in Industry
H. Tummescheit, Modelon
Numerical Investigation of Effect of Cooling Pattern on Residual Stress Due to Rapid Temperature Change in Quenching Processes
J. Jan, Ford Motor Company
Expanded GPU Capabilities in ANSYS 16.0 for Improving Automotive Simulation Workflows
B. Desam, Nvidia
Application of the Perzyna model for thermomechanical fatigue (TMF) life prediction of an exhaust manifold
R. Hazime, ADACS
Advances in Adjoint Methods
Zheming Zhang, Chris Hill, ANSYS USA
An ANSYS Workbench Integrated Solution with DANTE for Modeling Quenching Process of Steel Components
Z. Li, Dante Solutions
Finite Element-Based Computationally Efficient Scalable Electric Machine Model Suitable For Electrified Powertrain Simulation and Optimization
K. Zhou, University of Michigan
Flow Distribution Prediction and Validation of Porous Dirty Side Duct in Diesel Air Induction Systems
K. Yedam, Fiat-Chrysler
Deterministic Aero-Vibro-Acoustics for Wind Noise Prediction
M. Oswald, ANSYS Germany
Thermomechanical Fatigue Analysis of a Turbocharger Wheel
J. Mentley, HBM nCode
Automotive Battery Simulation
XG. Yang, Ford Motor Co.
Comprehensive Validation Studies for Gasoline SI Engine Simulations
H. Gokula-Kolera, ANSYS USA
Easy Access to the power of LS-DYNA through Workbench
Testing of Elastomers and Plastics in Support of Analysis
K. Miller, Axel Products
Accelerating Electric-Vehicle Battery Engineering with Advanced Simulation 
T. Han, General Motors
Design Optimization of Vehicle Exhaust Muffler Using ANSYS
J. Cherng, Univ of Michigan
Utilizing ANSYS to the Measurement of the Checking Fixture after Annealing
S. Vallury, Moldex 3D
Combined MBD / FEA Analysis of an SLA Suspension Using Workbench
B. Ross, MotionPort
Planar Transformer and Power Electronics,
M. Christini, ANSYS USA


  • Best Fluids Simulation
  • Best Structural Simulation
  • Best Electromagnetics Simulation
  • Best Multiphysics Simulation
  • Most Innovative Use of Simulation