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Scott Fogle

Past Webinars

ANSYS AIM: Simulation for Every Engineer

ANSYS AIM is a new multiphysics simulation environment designed to be an easy-to-use, complete simulation solution for your engineering challenges. With AIM, all engineers will be able to perform efficient simulation covering multiple physics to improve their product design. Watch this recording for an overview of ANSYS AIM capabilities and demonstration on how to setup a structural and fluid dynamics simulation.

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Introduction to ANSYS CFD

ANSYS CFD is a comprehensive general purpose CFD tool capable of modeling the full range of physics from simple to complex. Furthermore, ANSYS workbench enables full multiphysics modeling, including ANSYS CFD with structural mechanics and electromagnetics. Attend this webinar to learn about ANSYS CFD capabilities and application examples.

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Antenna Placement and Integration

As IoT applications proliferate, the scope of antenna design and integration has significantly broadened. Design engineers and teams must consider the wider implications of a fully integrated system, and not just base the claim of success on the performance of a single system. Design teams often struggle with enormous risk as they must wait for a viable prototype to be built and tested prior to full integration assessment. As this is typically very late in the design stage, it is also a very costly time to expose flaws in the design. This is where "virtual prototyping" comes in to help identify and correct issues early in the design process.

In this webinar, ANSYS technical experts will introduce state-of-the-art simulation techniques and best practices that ensure successful design, integration and deployment of RF and antenna systems.

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ANSYS Model-Based System and Software Solutions for Unmanned Air Systems

As active safety systems continue to proliferate in unmanned air systems, it is more important than ever to certify that the entire system operates as intended under all operating conditions. This has increased the need to define a simulation-driven development process for safe systems.

Attend this webinar to learn about ANSYS solutions for managing systems design complexity, reducing embedded software cost and optimizing overall system performance.

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