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triangle imageANSYS Discovery Live

This instant, interactive simulation environment allows engineers — at all levels and in every discipline — to explore their concepts and designs

Dramatically easier to use than other simulation tools, Discovery Live performs simulation in near real-time. Run your first analysis concurrently as you design. Interactively iterate and explore the impact of changes with immediate results updates.


Discovery Live Benefits

Interactive Geometry

What if you could make a simple or complex change directly on a 3D model, and instantly know the impact of that change? Engineers no longer need to wait for geometry modification, re-meshing and resolving. Discovery Live begins re-computing results immediately, without a need to start over.

Interactive Physics

Gain immediate insight when a load is suddenly increased, a material is changed or an input velocity drops to zero. Set up multiple physics on the same model and eliminate unnecessary geometry preparation.

Interactive Results

As quickly as you generate questions, Discovery Live has answers ready for viewing. In a fluids application, for example, no other engineering simulation tool allows you to adjust the location, rate and size of a particle stream in one instant, then immediately switch to a composite view and see maximum pressures throughout the model.


Discovery Live


See instant engineering simulation results for designer-level applications


Eliminate geometry cleanup, meshing, solving and post-processing


Perform structural, internal/external fluids, thermal and modal analysis


Edit geometry from any CAD source or model new ideas for exploration


Receive live updates as you change physics types or inputs, make geometry edits or alter display characteristics


Benefit from the readily available power of GPUs (graphical processing units)


The Discovery product line is available for trial and purchase

Discovery Live is included in the Standard and Ultimate bundles. This groundbreaking technology bridges the gap between design and engineering simulation, allowing engineers to explore larger solution spaces with more iterations.

Begin using the free software!

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