Fast-tracking Safe Autonomous Vehicles - White Paper

Autonomous vehicles are threatening to disrupt the automotive, aerospace and industrial equipment industries with the emergence of self-driving cars, drones and mobile autonomous robots. They promise to drastically reduce accidents, minimize congestion, bring mobility to the immobile and perform mundane or hazardous tasks in a fraction of the time required by human-controlled vehicles. This opportunity is open to traditional industry players as well as new entrants, particularly from the high-tech sector. The race to market is on.

The critical engineering challenge is demonstrating compliance with safety requirements. Research has shown that for a self-driving car, this could take between 8 billion and 11 billion miles of road testing. Because physical testing is clearly not a practical solution, autonomous vehicle makers are turning to 'simulated miles driven, flown or manoeuvred' as an alternative means of performing the required testing in a reasonable time frame. This white paper discusses how Ansys is building the industry’s only comprehensive, open and configurable solution to validate vehicle performance against safety requirements, leveraging best-in-class high-fidelity sensor models and open- and closed-loop simulations to validate the embedded software responsible for perception, localization, motion planning and motion execution.
본인은 Ansys 및 파트너로부터의 최신 정보 및 관련 정보 수신을 희망합니다. 본인은 언제든지 수신을 거부할 수 있습니다. Ansys 개인정보처리방침