ANSYS 5G Antenna Solutions

Designing 5G wireless systems is a huge undertaking. Antenna beamforming and beamsteering in 5G are key to improve the capacity and data rates for wireless applications. Massive MIMO, for instance, requires phased array antennas to be designed carefully to optimize the gain and ensure targeted coverage. ANSYS tools are ideal for designing and simulating antennas, antenna-to-antenna coupling and environmental effects on signal propagation. ANSYS solutions can enable successful deployment of V2X and V2V systems to improve the safety of self-driving cars that are expected to hit the road in 5G. Read this whitepaper to learn more
본인은 ANSYS 및 파트너로부터의 최신 정보 및 관련 정보 수신을 희망합니다. 본인은 언제든지 수신을 거부할 수 있습니다. ANSYS 개인정보처리방침