ANSYS Workbench Additive - Seamless Workflow for Additive Manufacturing - Webinar

View this on-demand ANSYS additive solutions introduction webinar to learn about ANSYS’ new metal powder-bed additive simulation capabilities inside Mechanical Workbench. The simulation process includes topology optimization, manipulation and cleanup of STL files, and simulation of the printing process itself — all connected in a seamless workflow inside the ANSYS Workbench environment.

Learn how to:
  • Generate and validate topology-optimized structures for additive manufacturing (AM).
  • Simulate the thermal-mechanical metal build process to accurately predict part distortion and stresses, without leaving the Mechanical environment.
  • Use the simple input of process parameters to define the AM build process.
  • Use nonlinear and temperature dependent material properties (with no inherent strain assumptions).
  • Modify process settings for customization
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