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Date: 01/25/2016

White Paper

ANSYS Maxwell and SGI® UV™ 3000 Maximizes  Electromagnetic Computation Throughput

To design and build more energy-efficient electric machines, companies are using ANSYS Maxwell, a low-frequency electromagnetic simulation software package. Transient electromagnetic field simulation allows analysis of dynamic systems with nonlinear materials and permanent magnets under a variety of conditions. The process requires sequential calculation, over many time steps, of saturation, eddy currents, slotting effects, and rotor movement in time and space. It is a huge computational undertaking to characterize an electric machine of any kind for steady-state operation; it can take days or weeks to complete. This limits the number of design points that engineers can acquire in a reasonable amount of time to make critical design decisions. ANSYS and SGI have worked together for over 15 years to bring virtual product development (VPD) solutions to our joint customers worldwide. ANSYS recently teamed with SGI to benchmark a new ANSYS Maxwell technology that delivers dramatic improvement in speed for transientelectromagnetic field simulations.


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