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Toward a Greener World — Ansys Battery Management Systems Solutions

Electric vehicles are becoming more cost-effective as Li-ion battery technology progresses. State of the art Li-ion batteries have increased ranges, faster charge times, lower costs and extended life. Behind every large-scale battery is an intelligent battery management system (BMS) that operates as a control center.

An effective BMS extends the useful life of batteries by promoting safe charging and discharging, a balanced charge across batteries and efficient communication with the operator. In this webinar, Ansys solutions for end-to-end BMS design will be introduced. Ansys tools enable functional safety analysis of battery systems and software, efficient and robust control algorithms, along with fast controller prototyping, design and verification.

This provides a complete battery system simulation workflow across different Ansys platforms. Ansys’ BMS solution helps you understand the interaction between different components and how to fine-tune embedded models to get the most out of a battery system.



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