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Date: 06/24/2020


Thermodynamic Characterization of Hydrocarbons

Thermodynamic modeling of mixtures of hydrocarbons is a challenging area in computational fluid dynamics. Single-component modeling remains fairly straightforward as it uses a unique saturation curve for examining fluids.

However, the problem becomes more difficult when one deals with a mixture of two or more components. The photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collector relationship is more complex and harder to manage as the number of components increases. This requires vapor-liquid equilibrium curves at different mixture compositions. As a first step in this direction, Ansys Fluent has introduced the ability to read bubble point and dew point temperatures for a binary mixture to predict the thermodynamic state of the mixture. 

Join us for this webinar which spotlights this functionality with an insightful case study that predicts the thermodynamic behavior of a binary mixture in a pipeline system.

  • Receive a deep dive explanation of the model setup and generation of thermodynamic tables within Fluent’s environment.
  • Discover how to optimize model and solver settings for a robust simulation.
  • Learn how to leverage dynamic post-processing features in Fluent’s newest release.


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