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Ansys 2019 R3: Speos Update

Ansys 2019 R3 has Speos innovations that make you see optical simulation in a new light. The following are some details of these innovations:

  • Speos Live Preview has been enhanced for more flexibility and easier interactivity. You can switch in one click between true and false color, adjust scale adaption to fit with the resulting preview, change the sensor to be previewed and more.
  • Speos extends optical simulation into the Ansys multiphysics platform. Meshed geometry is now compatible with body selection, making it possible to export the mesh data from the Ansys multiphysics platform into Ansys Speos to keep the same mesh definition throughout the complete multiphysics workflow.
  • New sensor capabilities in Speos enable you to simulate the rotating lidar, a new ambient source U.S. standard atmosphere 1976 and thermal sources on infrared.
  • Speos enhances your driving experience with cutting-edge features specifically dedicated to head-up display (HUD) development.
  • The materials library in Speos contains a new library called Road Library for Sensors Simulation.


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