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Enabling Parallel Development in Multi-user Electronics Simulation Workflows   

About this Webinar

This webinar illustrates how to boost engineering productivity by providing centralized access to simulation processes and data for signal/power integrity, thermal, antenna placement and EMC compliance applications.

Speaker: Juliano Mologni, Florent Petiot\

What attendees will learn

  • Understand CAE data management capabilities that enable parallel development and enhances collaboration in multi-user simulation workflows.
  • Learn how to establish best practices within multiphysics workflows and standardize them across the entire organization.
  • Discover how engineers can increase productivity by at least 30% and reduce non-value add tasks such as searching for the right data, manual versioning etc.
  • Explore Ansys Minerva capabilities, which are focused on electronics simulations, such as AEDT rich connector, Metadata Extraction and more.


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