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Efficient & Cost Effective Traction Motor Design For Electric Vehicles

Designing a highly efficient and cost-effective traction motor — a key component in electric vehicle/hybrid electric vehicle (EV/HEV) development — is a challenging process. The motor design requires tradeoffs between different geometrical, material and design characteristics to meet the performance and reliability requirements while maintaining cost and volume constraints.

The interplay between these different interlinked — and sometimes conflicting — design parameters significantly complicates the overall design process. Leveraging Ansys’ state-of-the-art optimization/statistical technique helps you make the correct design decision while understanding the implications of that change. This leads to reduced design iterations, resulting in a compressed development cycle.

This webinar spotlights how Ansys’ innovative solutions for traction motor design — together with Ansys optiSLang — enables robust design of best-in-class traction motors.

  • Understand key challenges in traction motor design.
  • Learn how to perform traction motor sensitivity analysis.
  • Discover cutting-edge tools for design space exploration and optimization.
  • Receive expert insights on motor design process automation



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