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Deliver Unmatched Safety & Security with Model-Based Engineering

Safe and secure avionics are critical in ensuring the reliable operation of aircraft for both defense and civilian aerospace. Engineers developing these systems need to navigate several challenges, such as a growing number of software components, a large volume of data exchanged between components and numerous communication protocols. Ansys offers a model-based approach for driving the analysis, development and certification of avionics software. With seamless traceability and transitions between safety analysis and design models, engineers can efficiently integrate certification and safety requirements, reduce development costs and accelerate time to market.

  • Leverage model-based embedded software development and automatic qualified code generation.
  • Design secure, system-level architecture that is impervious to cyberattacks.
  • Comply with interoperability standards like ARINC 661, DO-178C up to Level A and the FACETM Technical Standard.
  • Streamline the application of quality, safety and reliability engineering methods at system, component, hardware and PCB levels.



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