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Creating Design, Modeling and Analysis for Power Electronics Systems

Power electronics is a part of every market that involves electrification of systems: electric automotive, ships, aircraft, computer, consumer electronics, and everything in between. And power electronics include all types of power conversion, such as rectifiers (AC to DC), inverters (DC to AC), and DC-DC converters.

Physics-based simulation is indispensable for developing power electronic systems that help companies optimize energy efficiency, increase reliability, and comply with EMC standards.

Ansys provides an extensive and highly integrated set of solutions for modeling and analyzing power electronics, from 3D electromagnetic and thermal field simulation of critical components to multi-level system simulation.

Learn how Ansys is used in power electronic systems development workflows to simulate and reduce power losses, increase system efficiency, mitigate EMC problems, and understand thermal performance.

What you will learn

  • Discover application scenarios of various Ansys solvers for power electronics systems
  • How 3D solvers integrate into system-level simulations
  • How EMC performance of a power electronics system is handled with Ansys’ simulation capability
  • How different physical phenomena analyze power electronics systems with Ansys Multiphysics capability          


Bo Yang, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys


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