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A Model-Based Safety Critical Code Generation Flow for Multicore Platforms

In this on-demand webinar, we will demonstrate a model-based development flow that targets parallel execution on various multicore chips for safety-critical software applications (including Kalray MPPA and Infineon's latest generation AURIX™).

The flow is based on an extension of Ansys SCADE Suite, which generates parallel code from any legacy SCADE application. The generated parallel code is target independent; an integration step is performed to instantiate OS-specific services like communication, synchronization or memory protection. An automated integration process has been developed for several operating systems (including PXROS-HR, developed by HighTec EDV-Systeme, a multicore real-time operating system designed for embedded safety-critical applications, able to take full advantage of Infineon AURIX performance and safety functionalities).

SCADE Suite certified generated code embedded in PXROS-HR certified RTOS provides the streamlined answer to challenging development of critical multicore embedded applications by enabling seamless automated flow from the application model down to executable binary running on a target embedded processor.


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