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CAE as a Service: How to Accelerate Simulations with Ansys Solutions in the CPU 24/7 HPC Cloud

In simulation-driven product development, optimization outsourcing or bursting into the cloud has become a viable alternative to accelerate CAE jobs and solve HPC capacity issues. In this webinar, Thomas Gropp, Team Lead Test & Applications at CPU 24/7, will describe how you can securely access CPU 24/7’s remote HPC resources in the cloud. 

With an Ansys demo case, you will learn how to start a job, transfer your data, monitor a running calculation and analyze your calculation results in the cloud. By giving real customer examples, you will learn about usual customer requirements and how they have been implemented in the CPU 24/7 cloud. Aspects like security, performance, licenses and a cost comparison of cloud vs. on-premise operations will be outlined in detail.


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