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Advancing Concrete and Soil Structural Simulation with Ansys

Understanding geomaterials and interactions with man-made structures is a key requirement for companies working in oil and gas, civil and mining industries. Knowing how the complex behavior of rock formation and soils affects ground stability while drilling wells and removing materials for anchor or suction piles, or underground structures like tunnels and waste disposals, can ensure stable foundations and prevent well and structure collapse.

Ansys Mechanical 17 enables you to model the loading on geomechanical systems using an extensive library of geo material and concrete models that can be built into structural analysis models. You can use these models to predict expected behavior while drilling and tunneling; the ability to parameterize aspects such as material properties also makes it possible for you to account for uncertainty around exact material makeup and variations in foundation specifications.

Join us as our experts discuss how Ansys simulation technology can help you solve your most challenging geomechanical and civil engineering projects.


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