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A Simple Easy Trick to Model a Battery Module/Pack Using Ansys Fluent

With the growth of the electric vehicle market the demand for smaller and lighter batteries with greater capacity has never been higher. A simple comprehensive option for a lithium-ion (Li-ion) cell based on a multiscale multidimensional (MSMD) battery modeling methodology has been developed in Ansys Fluent to study the cell-to-cell temperature variation or maximum temperature in the module. This option helps you to investigate the cell-to-cell temperature variation and maximum temperature in an Li-ion battery module/pack much more easily. This webinar reveals the details of this option and demonstrates an example of testing MSMD models with and without this option.

What you will learn

  • Get a tour of the Fluent battery modeling options.
  • Learn how to model the battery module or pack in a much simpler way.
  • Learn how to validate the model.


Seeta Gunti Senior Technical Support Engineer


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