SCADE Usage for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles

SCADE on-board the UAS P.1HH HammerHead

The use of SCADE to develop the P.1HH Vehicle Control & Management System (Integrated Modular Avionics System) greatly reduced design time and effort.

A small engineering team designed, verified, generated and integrated 125,000 lines of code to control an unmanned aerial system using ANSYS SCADE in one-third the time required had the code been written in C.

  • The entire project was completed in about 18 months, starting with model development performed directly by the system engineers and proceeding to compilation, integration and verification of the approximately 125,000 lines of source code that comprise the VCMS. The working team — in terms of equivalent full time manpower — was limited to less than 20 engineers (system and software) who worked in tight coordination from the early design stages up to final system integration to meet the challenging target. As a result, the VMCS was developed and verified in an estimated one-third the time that would have been required had the code been handwritten.
  • The first flight of the aircraft was successfully completed in November 2013, less than two years after the project began. The VCMS worked perfectly. The P.1HH configuration will grow through incremental software releases that will add new functionalities to expand mission capabilities of the P.1HH.
SCADE Usage Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles