SCADE Usage for Railway Interlocking Applications

Model-based development in the railway domain: Siemens challenges and experiences

Interlocking systems comprise thousands of controlled elements with life cycles lasting 30 years. For their design, Siemens decided on the SCADE Suite model-based development environment. Important criteria that triggered that decision were:

  • SCADE modelling language (based on formal semantics) for safety-related software embedded control applications
  • Automatic code generation
  • Model-level simulation
  • Formal verification (complete demonstration of properties)
  • A development environment including gateways to third-party tools (requirements engineering, UML architectures)

Model-based development with SCADE establishes higher efficiency, with errors being detected earlier in the design process. All in all, products reach Siemens customers faster and with the highest possible quality. 

Railway Interlocking Applications