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We have over 19 years of experience operating high-performance computing (HPC) installations for internal and external users. Our systems have been developed over this period with reliability and environmental impact front of mind.

Our HPC as a service (HPCaaS) offering provides bare-metal CPUs and GPUs on-demand, bringing flexibility to your engineering workflows and reducing upfront investment.

Our patented immersion-cooling technology, DUG Cool, underpins our HPCaaS offering. DUG Cool reduces power consumption by up to 51%, enabling a very cost-effective solution. Additionally, the thermal efficiency of the immersion fluid removes hotspots from the hardware, reducing hardware failure rates and increasing the reliability of our HPC solutions.

We have a team of dedicated HPC experts with experience delivering HPC solutions in accordance with Ansys best practices. Our team can help you put solutions in place that are optimised, scalable and repeatable, ensuring your day-to-day interactions with Ansys are efficient so you can focus solely on your work.


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