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Calibre xACT is a parasitic extraction tool which is integrated with Totem, to provide accurate parasitics that feed into simulation. Calibre xACT is architected from the top-down to accurately model physical and electrical effects resulting from the complex structures and manufacturing processes employed at advanced nodes. Using net-based parallelism with multi- CPU processing, Calibre xACT can quickly and accurately generate parasitic capacitance, resistance and inductance netlists for diverse IC design styles, from digital to custom analog and RF, providing the data needed for post-layout analysis. With an integrated fast 3D field solver, Calibre xACT provides attofarad-accurate results for dynamic analog circuit simulation, while also delivering the performance and capacity needed for multi-million instance digital designs. Calibre xACT uses foundry-qualified rule decks in the Calibre SVRF language, and is interoperable with the Calibre nmLVS tool and with industry-leading design implementation platforms. Calibre xACT delivers the best combination of accuracy and turnaround time for leading-edge node designs, automatically optimized for the particular IC application and size, process technology, and downstream analysis flow.

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Calibre xACT

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