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Predicting Voltage Drop & Current Flow Hotspots with SIwave DC | Tips & Tricks

2019년 5월 30일

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)

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ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team


SIwave is a tool that has many different features spanning from Signal to Power Integrity analyses for packages and PCBs. Engineers are being asked to design PCBs with lower voltage drops while the ICs used are demanding higher current draws. It has become necessary for simulations to predict voltage drop along with current flow hotspots in PCBs. This can be accomplished with an SIwave DCIR analysis. DCIR results are affected by things as simple as how you manage your pin groups to how and what type of components you have connected to the net of interest. Join this webinar to learn more.
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Presenter Bio

Mark Frank, Lead Technical Support Engineer

Mark Frank is a Lead Technical Support Engineer. Prior to joining ANSYS, he obtained over a decade's worth of experience as a Signal Integrity engineer at HP. HIs technical interests and area of expertise is in signal and power integrity analyses for package and PCB design.