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ANSYS Fluent - Fluid-Structure Interaction | Tips & Tricks

2019년 5월 30일

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)

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ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team


Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems can be computationally expensive, so awareness of how to optimize the simulation is essential. This webinar will look into various tips and tricks related to setting up FSI problems.
We will look at an overview of one-way FSI methods, how to verify the result of the mapping process and the different methods including one-way transient FSI. A hydrofoil flutter example will be used to look at ways to optimise the solution time for two-way FSI.
Finally, we will look at some special elements and approaches in Mechanical that can be used to simplify and speedup an FSI problem, using an example of a thin flexible membrane.


1. Overview of one-way FSI methods
2. Optimising two-way FSI in System Coupling 2.0 using a flutter example
3. Using fluid elements in Mechanical to simplify FSI problems
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Presenter Bio

Paul HutchesonPaul Hutcheson, Lead Technical Support Engineer

Paul received his MEng in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Surrey and continued there to study a PhD in CFD modelling of oil leakage sprays in a gas turbine engine, sponsored by Rolls-Royce. He worked for Pursuit Dynamics on spray and multiphase modelling for consulting projects including some FEA. While at ANSYS he developed his Mechanical skills over a number of years and became an expert in FSI. Now a Lead Engineer at ANSYS, he mainly focuses on technical support, training and working with development to test new features in FSI and Fluent spray modelling.