ANSYS Solutions for Battery Modeling and Simulation Hands-On Workshop

2019년 5월 29일

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (PDT)


2645 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134

Verly Flores

Simulation-driven product development is becoming increasingly important in power-electronics and electric vehicle industries – simulations offer greater insights, and when combined with traditional methods can lead to significant cost savings and reduced time-to-market. A major component of the R&D spend is on characterizing battery operation and reliability.

Join ANSYS for a hands-on, "Lunch & Learn" workshop to learn about Battery Modeling and Simulation. We will take you through the different building blocks of battery modeling available in the ANSYS suite of tools, and then show you how you can couple them together for near-instantaneous systems-level evaluations of battery performance.

Building blocks:

  • Systems-level Equivalent Circuit Models (ECMs) in ANSYS Twin Builder
  • High-fidelity Electrochemistry modeling in ANSYS Fluent
  • Battery Reliability – modeling thermal runaway and battery ageing
  • Reduced-order Models (ROM)s

Hands-on activity:

Explore our two-way coupled ECM + Thermal ROM model at different battery loads to answer questions, such as – what is the “State of Charge (SOC)” at different times during the load cycle? Is the forced-convection cooling effective to keep the battery running at optimal conditions? Should we explore a different cooling strategy?

Please register early to reserve your spot. Lunch will be provided.